Bell Assure

Bell has developed an advanced and user-friendly fleet management system that enables customers to accurately monitor their fleet from anywhere in the world – helping them save both time and money.

Introducing the industry’s first pole-to-pole satellite coverage, Fleetm@tic sends unrivalled levels of machine data straight to your computer. It can provide basic data such as machine hours and average fuel burn to more detailed information such as individual tipping reports. Fleetm@tic is the only such system in the world that is able to link machine performance with actual tonnage moved.

Bell equips all ADTs with a free entry-level Fleetm@tic package as standard, though customers have the option of upgrading to a subscription package if they require more detailed reporting capability.

Fleetm@tic also allows owners to monitor the exact location of each machine, set virtual geo-fences around their ADTs and monitor individual driver behaviour using unique driver ID codes.

In short, Fleetm@tic is an invaluable tool to help your operation remain efficient, secure and productive.