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High specification and performance behind Careys’
continued choice of Bell ADTs

Published: 8th August 2015
Source: Bell Equipment

Construction specialists, The Carey Group, have ordered two B25E Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) from Bell Equipment, extending a relationship that is over a decade old.

Based in West London but with a £300 million turnover operation stretching across the UK and Ireland, Careys has been using Bell ADTs since 2002, when the company purchased five of the then-new D-series – machines that have remained in use ever since.   

Now, with a view to upgrade its fleet by replacing older machines, Plant Director Gary Condon has once again put faith in the proven performance and reliability of Bell ADTs.

“Bell has long impressed us with their reliability and service and the latest E-series models are the ideal combination of continuing aspects that work while making improvements to suit the demands of modern construction,” Gary explains.

“Features we particularly like are the overall design and look, the payload and the telematics.  The safety features too are comprehensive and very much in line with our corporate thinking, with a range of sensors, alarms and monitors fitted as standard that provide optimum protection against accidents.”

The selection of the B25E – the smallest ADT in the Bell range – reflects the particular needs of Careys’ customer base.  “We are often required to run ADTs for groundworks in tight environments, which best suits the ergonomics of the B25E,” confirms Gary Condon.

The two Bell B25Es were delivered in April 2015 and immediately put to work on projects in Cambridge and Birmingham, respectively. 

Careys confirms that feedback from operators has been excellent, while the company’s use of Fleetm@tic – the proprietary Bell performance software – is providing real-time proof of the machines’ exceptional performance.

“No matter where the Bell ADTs are located, we can monitor them remotely and we’re already seeing great results in terms of fuel economy, tonnes per load and reduced idling,” concludes Gary.  “This ongoing data will help us to maximise our investment, further reinforcing our decision to return to Bell Equipment.”