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Fleetm@ticŪ results instil ‘solid trust in
Bell Equipment’ for Chepstow Plant International

Published: 29th July 2016
Source: Bell Equipment

Chepstow Plant International, one of the most recognised mineral extraction companies in the industry, has had such a positive experience of Bell Equipment that it has secured the purchase of a further 13 machines - nine B30Es, two B35Ds and two B40Ds.

The decision to strengthen its fleet so significantly with Bell Equipment machines was based on first-hand experience, as Chepstow Plant International has developed a ‘solid trust’ in Bell, founded on its infrastructure, after-sales service, quality products and, most importantly, the extensive safety features offered by the Bell machines.

“Safety is the number one priority in our industry and protecting our employees is of paramount importance to us.  We purchased our first Bell ADT back in 2000 because of the safety features it provided,” explains John Corcoran, Managing Director at Chepstow Plant International.  “Sixteen years later, we’re still placing our confidence in Bell machines, which continue to be safe, secure and reliable.”

Adding to the machines’ appeal is Bell Equipment’s Fleetm@tic® technology, installed in both new and existing Bell models being used by Chepstow Plant. The technology has been highly successful in providing the Chepstow Plant operational team with automated reports, alerts, production data and pole-to-pole satellite coverage; enabling the Chepstow Plant's CI (Continuous Improvements) Department to manage its fleet with greater control and efficiency.

“Fleetm@tic®, Bell Equipment’s purpose designed, on-board fleet management system, provides us with an effective tool which, when used continuously, can help deliver the lowest cost per tonne, to maximise returns on investment to us and our clients.

“We have also been instrumental in the ongoing development of Fleetm@tic®, working directly with Bell in South Africa to further enhance the system and the extent to which it can be used.  Most recently we have been looking how it can support site and operator safety. This has resulted in the system being able to monitor not just a machine’s production performance but also vital safety elements, such as physical stability and tipping points.

“The latest B30Es we’ve invested in, present us with an opportunity to give our customers even more, in terms of reliability, productivity and results. It’s a high performance model, that’s both hardworking and fuel efficient - and has already become renowned for its ability to get the job done.”

John goes on to say how his own positive experience of Bell Equipment echoes that of Chepstow Plant’s operatives and customers alike. He continues:

“The strong, trustworthy relationship we have developed with Bell mirrors that which we have with our own customers. However, without progressive, reliable, productive machines, manufactured and supplied by companies such as Bell Equipment, we couldn’t deliver the reputable service we’ve built our business upon.”

Richard Higgott, Sales and Marketing Manager at Bell Equipment, has been delighted to learn that John and the team at Chepstow Plant have had such a positive experience with Bell, and have, through experience of the machines’ capabilities, chosen to invest in multiple new units.

“Our machines sell themselves in terms of what they can achieve, and it’s great to learn that companies such as Chepstow Plant are building their businesses with the help of results delivered by our ADTs,” explains Richard.

“Our commitment to continually developing our vehicles, so they evolve with the times and remain strong fleet contenders, has become part of our businesses ethos; giving us the confidence to know we’re supplying customers with exceptional equipment that’s been designed to deliver, now and long into the future.”