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Bigger B50D Ejector to be unveiled at Bauma Africa

Published: 26th August 2013
Source: Bell Equipment

Based on the success of Bell Equipment's B40D Ejector, particularly in hard rock applications in Indonesia, Tasmania and Australia, the company has expanded the design of its Ejector to accommodate its flagship 50-ton Articulated Dump Truck, the B50D, which will be on show at Bauma Africa.


According to Andrew Staniland, General Manager of Bell Equipment's Application Division which manages the design and manufacture processes of the company's niche product range, the evolution to the larger B50D Ejector is a natural progression that follows the trend by mining houses towards larger machinery.


Like the smaller unit, the B50D Ejector has been designed for tough mining applications with heavy duty specifications that offer improved safety while simultaneously providing solutions to sites with limited tipping space and a need to tip on the fly or load spread.


"Once again we bring to the market a purpose-built ejector for hard mining applications that is able to push out large rocks with minimal effort. It is fitted with a hydraulically actuated bottom-hinged tailgate so that a hydraulic valve controls the timing of the tailgate to ensure that it opens before the headboard starts moving," says Staniland.


He continues: "Our Bell B50D Ejector has a heaped capacity of 28,3m³ and a rated payload of 43 000kg compared to the 2:1 heaped capacity of 22m³ and rated payload of 35 000kg of the B40D Ejector. This effectively means that customers will be able to move more material at a lower cost per tonne, while still enjoying the benefits associated with an Ejector."


The B40D Ejector was first introduced at the beginning of 2011 and today there are about a dozen in operation, some with over 16 000 hours of service. Says Staniland: "We have confidence in the Ejector concept and Bauma Africa is an opportune time to introduce the B50D Ejector to mining houses and customers."


Whereas many competitors have ejectors built by a third party, the Bell Ejectors are true OEM designed products and customers have full factory support for the product.


Comments Bell Product Marketing Manager, Llewellyn Roux: "We looked at other ejectors on the market and many of our competitors use a telescopic cylinder system which is prone to leaking and damage. They also have an exposed channel design, leaving them vulnerable to damage from loading tools. Basically these ejectors are designed for ‘soft’ applications and are more suited to sand. We believe we’ve managed to overcome areas of weakness with our more rugged design that is capable of handling harsh applications because the internal channels are protected from loading equipment. The Bell Ejector makes use of double acting hydraulic cylinders to push out the headboard. The rugged design also allows the bin to be moved from one machine onto another for fleet flexibility.


"Machine utilisation, efficiency and operating cost per tonne is optimised by the fact that the Bell Ejector allows an operator to safely spread the load while driving, reducing the need to use a dozer. In addition, the structure and hydraulics will allow a full load of large rocks to be pushed from the bin with minimal effort," Roux adds.


The Bell B50D Ejector is available as a complete unit off the production line or for aftermarket fitment and is ideally suited to larger scale surface mining.