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Bell Equipment at Intermat 2015

Published: 14th May 2015
Source: Bell Equipment

Leading Innovation

"We are hugely satisfied with the result of Intermat 2015," comments Gary Bell, CEO of the global ADT specialist, Bell Equipment. “Visitor attendance didn’t reach that of 2012, but we were once again impressed by the high calibre of our guests, which led to professional contacts and intensive expert discussions.

“The international attendance clearly reflected the local market situation, with a little but very interested overseas fraction from the Northern Americas and Africa and large European representation, especially out of the booming UK and Scandinavian markets. With all our global market regions represented through their respective branches on the Bell stand, we were able to fully reach our aim, to use Intermat 2015 as a broad platform to present our latest products and to inform about our continuous R&D activities and further improvements in our customer-oriented service and after sales operations," he added.

Sustainable advantages for customers

The new E-series generation of Bell Equipment’s small ADT trucks from 25 to 30 tons attracted keen interest.. The new Mercedes-Benz engines now installed in the smaller models (Bell B25E and B30E) have a  combination of “light” exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and AdBlue injection (SCR) ensuring that  Bell ADTs meet EUIV/Tier 4 final regulations without the need of Diesel particulate filters (DPF). “This is a major advantage in construction and quarrying applications, which was confirmed on the show by many machine owners and operators,” explains Bell Equipment's Director of European Operations, Marc Schürmann, stating avoided regeneration cycles and easier maintenance. “Furthermore both models score convincingly with yet more gains with regards to fuel efficiency, something for which Bell is already seen as the industry leader.”

This also applies to the new active Front suspension "Comfort Ride" for the smaller trucks, which made its debut in Paris. “Once again Bell Equipment has become a pioneer in ADT technology, as we did in the past with the introduction of standard onboard weighing, adaptive 6x6-suspensions and electronic assistance to improve both the operator’s comfort and safety,” underlines Marc Schürmann. The suspension actively improves the ADT’s cornering characteristics, positively influencing the driver's confidence and thus allowing faster and more productive hauling cycles. Another important effect is the reduction of whole body vibrations. “Our measurements show that Comfort Ride reduces vibrations very effectively. Translated to exposure limits – expected to become a bigger factor in the industry in near future – this means that a driver with Comfort Ride only reaches the same exposure values in one-and-a-half-times more working hours than without,” explains Marc Schürmann.

New models in the larger segment

With a prototype of its Bell B50E – still acknowledges as being the world’s largest production 6x6 – Bell Equipment gave an insight to the state of development of its larger E-series trucks from 35 to 50 tons. The introduction of four new models is to be expected in 2016, with all of them also being equipped with EU4/Tier4final emission technology without the need for a DPF. All models are now powered by straight six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engines, which according to Bell, have already proved their high fuel efficiency during pre-series model testing. “Despite slight payload increases through the range, to better meet the needs of a broad variety of applications, we will keep our proven model classes B35/40D and B45/50D,” says Marc Schürmann.

In Paris, the ADT specialist also shared information about the development of its coming B60E. “As a completely new concept, the B60D introduced last year is proving to be very successful in several markets. In South Africa mining companies are looking to replace their fleets of 60-ton rigid trucks with Bell B60Ds, with some deals already concluded. The practical experiences of these operations show substantial advantages of the articulated 4x4 over its rigid competitors in terms of all-weather performance and costs. All field testing results are being directly considered during the final development of the Bell B60E. The EUIV/Tier4 final version is projected to be available in early 2017,” says Marc Schürmann.


With this "sectional model" Bell Equipment presented the new Mercedes-Benz engines, which now feature on their smaller E-series trucks B25E and B30E.


The optional active front suspension on the B25/30E with pressure accumulators (left) and active damper (right).


The advanced B50E prototype turned heads on Bell Equipment’s Intermat stand.


The completely new ADT concept, the B60D, has proved itself very successful in practice. Early in 2017 the EUIV/Tier 4 final version of the B60E will be available.


Leading the successful Bell Intermat team were Gary Bell, CEO of Bell Equipment and Marc Schürmann, responsible for the company's European activities.